Best Cough Syrup For Adults In Kenya

Best Cough Syrup For Adults In Kenya

What is the best and strongest cough syrup?

Best Cough Medicines / Cough Suppressants Rankings

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#1 Score: 100DelsymBuy on
#2 Score: 73Robitussin DMBuy on
#3 Score: 71Mucinex DMBuy on
#4 Score: 17NyQuil Cough DMBuy on

Which cough syrup is used for adults?

4 Best Cough Syrups In India - PharmEasy Blog

1. Cofsils Naturals Cough Syrup Bottle 100 Ml. Made of natural, herbal constituents, this cough syrup soothes the soreness in the throat. It is beneficial for people suffering from chest congestion.

What is best for hard cough?

Care and Treatment

  • Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. Try hot tea or water with honey and lemon to soothe irritated airways
  • Suck on cough drops or hard candies. Sucking on a hard lozenge promotes saliva production that soothes the throat.
  • Take a spoonful of honey.
  • Use a humidifier.