Best Cooking Oil In Kenya

Best Cooking Oil In Kenya

Here are some of the best refined vegetable oils best for your health which you can easily get in a supermarket.

  • Golden fry.
  • Sun Gold.
  • Elianto.
  • Fresh Fri premium vegetable oil.
  • Top fry.
  • Bahari.
  • Rina.
  • Kimbo Cooking Oil.

Which is the healthiest cooking oil in Kenya?

Fresh Fri is the leading brand of fortified vegetable cooking oil in Kenya. It is the healthiest choice for your heart as it is trans-fat free, cholesterol free, has Natural Vitamin E, and is fortified with Vitamins A & D.

Which cooking oil is best for the heart in Kenya?

Avena Oil vegetable cooking oil has vitamins and nutrients that protect your body from various infections. Cooking with Avena Oil which has micro nutrients helps in digestion, weight management, and cardiovascular diseases.

How much is 1 litre of cooking oil in Kenya?

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Which is the best cooking fat in Kenya?

Kasuku, East Africa’s most popular cooking fat, is a pure white cooking fat manufactured using refined natural vegetable palm oil. You will enjoy cooking with Kasuku’s soft and smooth texture. Kasuku is manufactured and packed under the highest international quality control standards.