Best Contraceptive Pills In Kenya

Best Contraceptive Pills In Kenya

Below is the Best Contraceptive Pills In Kenya

  • ECEE.
  • EVRA.

Which contraceptive pill works best?

Ultimately, the best birth control pill is the one you remember to take. People who get pregnant while they’re on the pill usually do so because they forget to take their pills as often as they should. Pick the birth control pill that’s easiest to work into your routine, and take it consistently.

What is the pill to prevent pregnancy in Kenya?

There are two types of progestogen-only or POP pills. One type mainly works by preventing sperm from entering the womb and has a 3-hour ‘missed pill’ window. The other (any pill containing desogestrel only) mainly works by preventing an egg from being released and has a 12-hour ‘missed pill’ window.

Can I pill prevent future pregnancy?

Taking an i-pill or emergency contraception will only prevent you from getting pregnant at that time and will not prevent future pregnancies.