Best Contraceptive Pills For Acne In Kenya

Best Contraceptive Pills For Acne In Kenya

The 4 best birth control pills for treating acne

  1. Ortho Tri-Cyclen (norgestimate/ethinyl estradiol).
  2. Yaz (drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol),
  3. Estrostep FE (norethindrone acetate/ethinyl estradiol/ferrous fumarate).
  4. Beyaz (drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol/levomefolate).

What is the strongest birth control for acne?

Birth controls that fight acne

  • Yaz. Yaz is considered the most effective of the three as it contains drospirenone which is a synthetic version of the sex hormone, progesterone.
  • Ortho-Tri-Cyclen.
  • Estrostep.

How do you get rid of hormonal acne from birth control?

Management and Treatment

  1. Blackheads and whiteheads: Topical cream (tretinoin).
  2. Inflammatory acne: Topical retinoid and/or topical antibiotic and/or benzoyl peroxide.
  3. Moderate to severe acne: Antibiotic and/or isotretinoin (retinoid).
  4. Cystic acne: Steroid injection (intralesional triamcinolone).