Best Condoms In Kenya

Best Condoms In Kenya

Condoms price in Kenya

  • Rough rider condoms. KES 400.
  • Durex performa condoms. KES 400.
  • Durex feel utra thin. KES 400.
  • Durex select flavours condoms. KES 400.
  • Durex extra safe condom. KES 400.

Do condoms have sizes in Kenya?

Officials at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) told The Nairobian that condoms currently in the market undergo several tests to check for size and elasticity. According to Kebs, the length of condoms in the Kenyan market is 160 millimeters and the width is 50-56 millimeters.

Are sure condoms safe in Kenya?

However, recent condom recalls have raised concerns about the quality, and the protective surety of those on sale in Kenya. Last week, a brand of condoms known as Sure was recalled by the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) over quality issues.

How do I know my size in condoms?

To identify what size condom you need, you’ll need to measure the length and the width of your penis with a tape measure or ruler and a piece of string. Once you know these two measurements, you can check different brands in the store or online and choose a condom that most closely matches your erect penis size.

How much is a Durex condom pack of 3 in Kenya?

Buy Durex Condoms /Pleasure Me 3'S Online - Carrefour Kenya

KES 457.00(Inc. VAT)

Durex Pleasure Me 3 Condoms with a pleasure-fit design to follow your shape for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.