Best Coffee Roasters In Kenya

Best Coffee Roasters In Kenya

  • Sterling Coffee Roasters Nyeri Kiandu ABOur Top Choice.
  • Volcanica Kenya AA Coffee Beans.
  • Green Mountain: Kenyan Highlands K-Cups.
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee: Kenya-AA.
  • Starbucks Kenyan Coffee.

What are the best coffee plants in Kenya?

Kenyan Coffee Varieties: A Comprehensive Overview of The Top ...

Learn everything about the top five Kenyan coffee varieties

  • SL28,
  • SL34,
  • K7,
  • Ruiru 11,
  • and Batian.

What is the best coffee grade in Kenya?

Kenya Coffee Grading - Espresso & Coffee Guide

Kenya AA is considered to be one of the world’s finest specialty coffees. Some Kenya AA coffees are light-bodied yet still very bright and exhibit a floral aroma.

Where is the best place to grow coffee in Kenya?

The major coffee-growing regions in Kenya are the high plateaus around Mount Kenya, the Aberdare Range, Kisii, Nyanza, Bungoma, Nakuru, and Kericho, and a smaller scale in Machakos and Taita hills in Eastern and coast provinces respectively.