Best Coffee Machines In Kenya

Best Coffee Machines In Kenya

The best coffee machines of 2023, at a glance

  • Best overall bean-to-cup coffee machine – Sage Barista Pro espresso machine.
  • Best value pod coffee machine – Nespresso Vertuo Pop coffee machine.
  • Best manual coffee machine with milk frother – Sage Bambino espresso machine.
  • Best filter coffee machine – Melitta Aromafresh II.

How do I choose a coffee machine for a coffee shop?

What Espresso Machine Do You Need for Your Coffee Shop?

  • 100-200 drinks per day: A two-group machine will fit the bill.
  • 200-300 drinks per day: A two-group to a three-group machine is what you’ll need.
  • 10-50 drinks per day: A one-group machine is all you need.

Why are expensive coffee machines better?

The short answer is that high-end coffee makers perform well because the manufacturers invest in high-quality materials that have been tested for their performance, making each brewer more expensive to produce.

How long does it take for a coffee shop to become profitable?

Most coffee shops become profitable within the first few years of operation, depending on food production costs and other KPIs. Coffee shops can expect sales to double by year five. Budget contingency funds, startup costs, and the costs of your first year of operations carefully.