Best Coffee Beans In Kenya

Best Coffee Beans In Kenya

  1. Java House.
  2. Volcanica.
  3. Henry’s House Of Coffee.
  4. Cooper’s Cask.
  5. Gevalia.
  6. Chiru Coffee Connection.
  7. Fresh Roasted Coffee.

Which is the best coffee variety in Kenya?

Exploring popular Kenyan coffee varieties: SL-28 & SL-34 ...

Kenyan coffee is often associated with bright acidity, a rich, full body, and a distinctive flavour in the cup. Some of the most popular varieties in the country include K7, Blue Mountain, Batian, Ruiru 11, and the SL series. The SL series in particular has been cultivated in Kenya for almost 90 years.

What is the quality of coffee in Kenya?

Kenya coffee has a bright acidity and a wonderful sweetness with a dry winy aftertaste. A really good Kenya coffee will also have a black-current flavor and aroma.

What are the grades of coffee in Kenya?

Kenya’s coffee is marketed internationally as Kenya Arabica grade AB which is classified as E, AA, AB, PB, C, TT, and T. The grade is determined by size density and liquor quality. The main processing methods employed are wet and dry processing.