Best Coastal Towns To Retire In Kenya

Best Coastal Towns To Retire In Kenya

7 Best Places to Retire and Live in Kenya

  1. Kisumu
  2. Nairobi:
  3. Mombasa:
  4. Naivasha:
  5. Nakuru
  6. Thika
  7. Eldoret

Where is the best place to live in coastal Kenya?

15 best places to live in Kenya as an expatriate in 2022 ...

Mombasa is the coastal city of Kenya, making it perfect for expats who love beaches and warm and sunny weather. It has a vibrant business scene, numerous attraction spots and recreational facilities, exciting nightlife, and great cultural and historical heritage.

Where is the best place for expats in Kenya?

Most expats tend to live onĀ Mombasa Island, the city’s premier location. South Coast, North Coast, and Mombasa mainland are all popular with the expat community. North Coast has a multitude of schools, banks, and shops. South Coast is popular with those living on a budget.

What is the most peaceful town in Kenya?

Safest Cities in Kenya

  • Kakamega, Kenya. Kakamega.
  • Kericho, Kenya. Kericho.
  • Nyeri, Kenya. Nyeri.
  • Watamu, Kenya. Watamu.
  • Machakos, Kenya. Machakos.
  • Naivasha, Kenya. Naivasha.
  • Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru.
  • Turkana, Kenya. Turkana.

How much does it cost to live in Kenya as an expat?

A flat outside the city center will come in at around USD$139 per month. If you’re planning to live in the capital, the price of rent comes in a little higher, with a one-bedroom apartment costing around USD$414 per month in Nairobi City Centre.