Best Coastal Estates In Kenya

Best Coastal Estates In Kenya

Below is the Best Coastal Estates In Kenya

  • AfroChic.
  • Alfajiri Villas.
  • Asha Boutique Hotel.
  • Che Shale.
  • Diamond Beach Village.
  • Driftwood Beach Club.
  • Funzi Keys.
  • Hemingways Watamu.

Where do people go on holiday in Kenya?

Amboseli National Park, Mt. Kenya, Lake Victoria, Lake Naivasha, Samburu National Reserve, Diani Beach, Manda Bay, The Great Rift Valley and many more.

What are the South Coast towns in Kenya?

The beaches, joined by a coastal road, are Shelly, Pungu, Sand Island, Tiwi, Diani, Galu, Kinondo, Msambweni and Shimoni. The main islands are Chale, Funzi, and Wasini. Ukunda Airport, near Diani Beach, has daily scheduled flights to destinations in Kenya. Moi International Airport is located on Mombasa Island.

Where is the coast in Kenya?

Kenya’s coastline is part of the western shore of the Indian Ocean. Tidal fluctuation is semi-diurnal, that is, there are two highs and two lows during each 24-hour period. The tidal reference statoin for Kenyan waters is Kilindini Harbour at Mombasa.