Best Clothes Iron In Kenya

Best Clothes Iron In Kenya

Which iron is best for clothes?

Steam Iron: Top 7 Best Steam Irons for your Clothing Care ...

Ans. The best type of iron for home use is a steam iron. Steam irons have a tank that you fill with water, and the steam helps to relax the fibers in the fabric which makes it easier to iron out wrinkles.

How do I know which iron is best?

It is known that the iron with high wattage will be best to use if you iron clothes in large quantities. High-wattage irons lead to ease of ironing clothes. If you use irons occasionally, then low-wattage irons would make a good purchasing decision.

How much is Tefal steam iron in Kenya?

Buy Tefal Iron Fv9845 Steam Gold & Blk Online - Carrefour Kenya

KES 13995.00(Inc. VAT)

Which iron is better heavy or light?


It is suggested a heavyweight iron box for solid creases on your clothes. To get your clothes perfectly ironed, there are two alternatives. Either you can buy a steam iron box or purchase a heavyweight iron box. A steam iron box would have a more limited life expectancy than a dry iron box.