Best Clans In Kenya

Best Clans In Kenya

The largest ethnic group in Kenya is theĀ Kikuyu people. Other major ethnic groups include the Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii, and Meru. Each tribe is further divided into clans or sub-tribes, sometimes understood as a family.

Which is the best tribe in Kenya?

Top 7 tribes in Kenya: Meet the locals

  • Kikuyu.
  • Luhya.
  • Kisii.
  • Mijikenda.
  • Maasai.
  • Luo.
  • Kalejin.

Which tribe is best to marry in Kenya?

Top 10 best tribes to marry in Kenya: they will be the best ...

Maasai. Known for being the most fierce, the Maasai make the tribe with the best husbands in Kenya. Additionally, due to their preservation of most cultures, the Maasai are one of the wealthiest people in terms of livestock.

Which tribe is fearless in Kenya?

Maasai warriors known as the moran are well known for hunting and killing lions as a form of initiation into manhood. The Maasai have put Kenya on the international map with their elegant culture but the tribe is also well known for its fearless culture.

What is the most brave tribe in Kenya?

The Maasai were known for their bravery and being superior warriors. Maasai shields, the ‘elongo’, represent one of the many genres of African artifacts with both utilitarian craft and fine art characteristics. This shield holds many stories, including that of one of Kenya’s most courageous communities.