Best Civil Engineering Companies In Kenya

Best Civil Engineering Companies In Kenya

Civil engineering companies deal with the design, maintenance, and construction of physical structures. Civil engineers are professionals who have extensive training that prepares them to plan public works projects and oversee the implementation of those projects, either in the private sector or for the government.

Below is the Best Civil Engineering Companies In Kenya

  1. H Young
  2. A Jiwa Shamji
  3. Danasons Construction Co. Ltd
  4. Associated Construction Co (K) Ltd
  5. Dhanjal Brothers Ltd
  6. Memo Diesel Plant & Civil Engineering
  7. Kay Construction Co. Ltd
  8. Lirona General Contractors Ltd
  9. Ericom & Eli Business Ltd
  10. Stanam Consulting Engineering Ltd
  11. Victory Construction Co Ltd
  12. Pioneer Engineering And Construction Co. Ltd
  13. Kitho Civil & Engineering Co Ltd
  14. Max & Partners Ltd
  15. Orbit Enterprises Ltd
  16. Raflo Services Ltd
  17. Dhanjal Brothers Ltd
  18. Hayer Bishan Singh & Sons Ltd
  19. S S Mehta & Sons Ltd
  20. Stanam Consulting Engineering Ltd
  21. Edcom Ltd
  22. Broadband Engineering & Communications Ltd
  23. Crescent Construction Co Ltd
  24. Benma Technical Services Ltd
  25. Duocop Company Ltd
  26. Kato Consult & Associates Ltd
  27. Memo Diesel Plant & Civil Engineering
  28. PQuaint Holdings Ltd
  29. Mbuga Engineering & Construction
  30. Ngasi Consulting Engineers
  31. Centurion Systems Ltd
  32. Norken International Limited
  33. Sark Kenya Ltd
  34. Oxalis Kenya Consultancy Ltd
  35. Norken International Limited
  36. Uniconsult Engineering Consultants
  37. Howard Humphreys Limited

How much is a civil engineer paid in Kenya?

The average salary for a Civil Engineer is KES 437,500 per month in Nairobi, Kenya.

How much is an engineer paid in Kenya monthly?

The estimated total pay for an Engineer is KES 215,000 per month in the Kenya area, with an average salary of KES 80,000 per month. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and is based on salaries collected from our users.