Best Cereal For Babies In Kenya

What is a Cereal?

A cereal is any grass cultivated for its edible grain, which is composed of an endosperm, a germ, and a bran. Cereal grain crops are grown in greater quantities and provide more food energy worldwide than any other type of crop and are therefore staple crops.

Best Cereal For Babies In Kenya

  • Hero Baby Banana, Mandrine & Pear Jar 125G.
  • Aptamil Infant Formula Milk 400G.
  • Aptamil Growing-Up Formula Milk 400G.
  • Aptamil Growing Up Formula Milk 800G.
  • Aptamil Follow-Up Formula Milk 400G 0-6 Months.
  • Nestle’ Lactogen 2 135 g Satchet.
  • Nestle’ Lactogen 1 0-6 Months 400 g.

Which Nutribom is good for babies?

Nutribom Multigrain (6mth+) 350g is an excellent everyday food source ideal for the healthy balanced diet for babies from six months of age which ensures their healthy growth and development.

Is aptamil cereal good for babies?

Aptamil® Cereals

Our tasty range of baby cereals is the perfect way to introduce delicious new tastes and textures to your little one’s diet. Our recipes with grains and fruit contain no added salt and only naturally occurring sugars.