Best Cell Phone Service Provider In Kenya

What is a Cell Phone Service Provider?

A cellular network or mobile network is a telecommunications network where the link to and from end nodes is wireless and the network is distributed over land areas called cells, each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver.

Best Cell Phone Service Provider In Kenya

RankName of OperatorMillions of CustomersMarket Share (%)
2Airtel Kenya9.721.4
3Telkom Kenya3.88.9

Which is the best data network in Kenya?


11 million smartphones connected to Safaricom’s 4G network.

In terms of market share in domestic mobile traffic, Safaricom leads the five at 67.8% and 89.5% for both voice and SMS traffic respectively. Safaricom takes the crown when it comes to mobile internet speeds in Kenya as of Q2, 2022 scoring 22.74 Mbps

Which is the strongest network in Kenya?


Speedtest Intelligence┬« reveals that among top mobile operators in Kenya in Q3 2022, Safaricom delivered the fastest median download speed at 22.19 Mbps.

Does MTN work in Kenya?

The One Network Area, aka ONA, allows MTN customers to travel anywhere in Kenya, Rwanda, and South Sudan with their MTN number.