Best Car Insurance In Kenya

What is Car Insurance?

Vehicle insurance is insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle.

Best Car Insurance In Kenya

1. Jubilee Car Insurance

Jubilee Insurance is a favorite among many clients who like its flexible and tailor-made insurance products.

Jubilee’s car insurance covers the following;

  • Private & Commercial Car Comprehensive
  • Third-party Bodily Injuries
  • Theft & damage
  • Special perils. e.g., Floods, wind, fire, storms.
  • Third-party liability –Injury & property damage

2. CIC Insurance

They are also a Co-operative Insurance Company that provides world-class car insurance. CIC has, over time, created customized products for its clients that have cemented its position in Kenya and the East African region as a trusted insurance and financial services provider.

Some of their car insurance include;

  • Personal Accident Cover for the family & one indoor employee.
  • Trauma Counseling for persons involved in an incident
  • Replacement of Lost Car Keys
  • 24-hour roadside assistance services countrywide

3. Heritage Insurance Company

Heritage Insurance Company is one of the insurers that only covers private vehicles, including Saloons, Station wagons, Estates, and large Four-Wheel Drives. The insurance covers the following;

  • Loss of spare parts/ keys,
  • Windscreen and towing services,
  • Vehicle damage
  • Car Tracking

4. APA Car Insurance

This company is a merger between Apollo Insurance and the Pan-African group. APA Insurance Company has always performed well in rankings in Kenya.

APA also deals with general Insurance risks like Motor, Liability, Agriculture, Marine, Aviation, Property, Micro Insurance, Health Insurance, and Individual and Family Health Insurance.

5. Britam Insurance Kenya

Operating in the East African region of Malawi, and Mozambique, Britam is one of the best car insurance companies in the country today.

Britam covers stolen and damaged vehicles as well as third parties. Besides, it also provides emergency medical cover for victims involved in an accident.

Their car insurance covers you against the;

  • Accidental loss or damage to the vehicle
  • Third-Party Liabilities
  • Emergency Medical Expenses to driver or passengers, or pedestrians after an accident

6. AMACO Insurance

Africa Merchant Assurance Company has been a well-known motor insurance company in Kenya for a while. The company provides both third-party cover and comprehensive cover for its clients.

7. UAP Motor Private Insurance

This is one of the oldest insurers in Kenya, and UAP Motor Private Insurance is the most former branch of UAP. UAP offers a wide range of services for different coverages like cars, fire, theft, livestock, and marine, to name a few.

The car insurance covers the following;

  • Vehicles for loss or damage
  • Car Tracking Devices & Services
  • 24-hour Road Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Expenses after accidents

8. AIG Kenya

This is one of the best car insurance in Kenya. It was the largest insurance company globally and is still among the best insurers worldwide.

Its services are unique, and that has earned its total customer trust. AIG provides motor insurance for Private Motor Insurance and Health Insurance.

How much is car insurance in Kenya?

The prices start from 5% of the vehicle value for the basic car insurance. Other add-ons are charged at 0.25% with a minimum premium of KSh 5,000 each (Excess protector for own damage and political violence and terrorism). Personal accident cover for the driver and turn boy.

How long does car insurance last in Kenya?

Over the last year, there have been several adjustments in Kenya’s insurance sector, particularly touching on car insurance.

Most big players in Kenya’s insurance industry now have a 15-year ceiling when it comes to offering comprehensive cover for a car. Most only offer third-party insurance for such vehicles.

Is car insurance paid monthly or yearly in Kenya?

Private motor vehicles are vehicles used for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes or in connection to the insured’s business. Currently, we are only offering Third Party Only (TPO) cover for private vehicles. Policies can be arranged on a monthly or annual basis.