Best Burger In South Africa

What is Burger?

A hamburger, or simply burger, is a sandwich consisting of fillings—usually a patty of ground meat, typically beef—placed inside a sliced bun or bread roll.

Best Burger In South Africa

25th. Craft – Johannesburg

Craft is a chilled neighborhood restaurant with great vibes and an extensive menu of exciting options. Skipping the burger would be foolish though, as it really is superb.

24th. BGR – Johannesburg

One of the smallest and tightest menus you’ll ever see for a burger restaurant, but everything you need is there. The good things in life are simple and this is perfection.

23rd. Blos Café – Pretoria

Blos Café has simple room where the food is always the star of the show, along with their wines. Look out for their Slider Tuesdays where you can try some smaller versions of the burgers to get a little taste of everything.

22nd. S43 – Durban

S43 has a passionate fan base of customers who rave about their burgers. Team a juicy burger up with one of their delicious craft beers – it’s pretty much as good as life can get.

21st. Royale Eatery – Cape Town

They say that they serve “burgers that make your soul tingle and your dreams come true”. Very hard to argue with that statement when you taste these incredible creations.

20th. Sanook Cafe – East London

Their whole ethos is about cooking with the freshest possible ingredients. The burger itself is as juicy and tasty as you could ever wish for.

19th. The Big Mouth Grill – Johannesburg

The Big Mouth Grill has a huge focus on sushi and does that brilliantly, but to ignore the burgers they serve would be a mistake. Simple, mouthwatering, and utterly perfect.

What is the biggest burger in South Africa?

The biggest burger in South Africa was made in Mitchells Plain on Thursday and it was a moerse success. The Grillfather restaurant attempted to set a record for the largest burger in SA, and the original plan was to make one weighing 10kg. But they ended up with a burger double that size.

What is the best burger at Burger King SA?

Seems Burger King IS SA's best burger

The choice of the winner was unanimous – the generous and tasty Burger King Double Whopper came first with 29 points out of 40, eight points ahead of its closest competitor, local flame-griller Steers. The McDonald’s “tiny” Big Mac came in last with 12 points.

Is Burger King successful in South Africa?

The Burger King franchise has enjoyed operational success in South Africa after GPI reworked its strategy on the franchise to focus on profitability rather than expansion.