Best Building Companies In Kenya

What is a Building Company?

Building Company is a business enterprise concerned with the construction of buildings, bridges, etc. the construction company that will build the new stadium.

Best Building Companies In Kenya

1. Epco Builders

Headquartered in Industrial Area, of Nairobi, Epco Builders Limited is a top construction company in Kenya. It was founded in 1978 by Ramji Varsani.

The company is registered in the NCA 1 category by the National Construction Authority.

Epco Builders, whose annual turnover stands at an estimated Sh5 billion, has delivered some of the most prestigious developments in the country among them Kwale International Sugar Company, Moi University Pension Scheme Complex Tower in Eldoret, and CIC Plaza in Nairobi.

The company has the capacity to handle developments valued in excess of Sh10 billion.

2. Put Sarajevo

Put Sarajevo Engineering Company has been registered and active in Kenya since 1980.

The company, domiciled in Bosnia, has delivered hundreds of engineering, and construction projects countrywide.  

Put Sarajevo employs more than 6,000 people in more than three continents.

The company says its project management style helps it to cut construction costs and timelines while delivering safety throughout a project’s lifespan.

3. Seyani Brothers

Seyani Brothers & Company (K) Limited, popularly known as Seyani Bros, is a household name in East Africa and one of the top construction companies in Kenya.

Based in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, Seyani Bros was founded in 1978 by two siblings who embarked on renovation works and subcontract jobs under then-top construction companies.

Today, Seyani Bros are among the leading Kenya construction companies, having executed major projects in the country including the expansion of Village Market in Nairobi and the expansion of Sabis International School in Runda.

4. Intex Construction

Intex Construction is one of the top contractors in Kenya. Established in 1982, Intex prides itself on delivering numerous constructions, civil engineering, and real estate projects.

Since 1995, the company has operated an office in Kampala, Uganda – under Intex Building & Civil Engineering Contractors Limited. The company says it has delivered more than 1,000 kilometers of roads, and 3.7 million square feet of real estate projects.

5. Landmark Holdings

Landmark Holdings, which was awarded the Construction Excellence Award in 2014, has since its inception in 1999 delivered numerous building, infrastructure, and civil engineering projects across the country.

The company which is based in Nairobi’s Industrial Area undertakes high-rise commercial, multi-level basements, high-rise residential buildings, and shopping malls.

Some of the projects undertaken by Landmark Holdings include the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority headquarters, Riverine Estate, Rosslyne Springs, and JKUAT Tower, among others.

Landmark is one of the leading construction companies in Nairobi.

6. Associated Construction

Headquartered in Nairobi, Associated Construction is one of Kenya’s top builders of bridges, highways, railways, and marine civil works.

The firm has previously worked with entities from South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and India to undertake large engineering projects on PPP, BOT, and EPC models.

Associated Construction is the company that built the Masalani Suspension Bridge – a 136 m-long self-anchored steel suspension bridge across River Tana in Masalani, Garissa County.

7. Cementers

With 46 years of experience, Cementers Limited has undertaken top projects in Kenya, including Mihrab Towers, Two Rivers Development, and JKIA airport roadwork in Nairobi.

The company was founded in 1975 by Kurji V. Patel and Laxman M. Arjan and has since become one of the leading Kenya construction companies.

In 1992, the company started a subsidiary in Uganda – Cementers Uganda Limited – to meet the demand for construction services in Uganda.

8. Hayer Bishan Singh & Sons

Headquartered in Kisumu, Hayer Bishan Singh & Sons is a respected construction company in Kenya thanks to its quality workmanship and timeous execution of projects.

Since the 1970s, the ISO 9001:2008 Certified company has undertaken major construction and rehabilitation projects in airports, roads, bridges, causeways, low-cost housing, etc.

Hayer Bishan Singh & Sons is registered and active in South Sudan and Uganda.

9. Laxmanbhai Construction

Laxmanbhai Construction, which started operations in 1953, is the oldest construction company in Kenya.

The company prides itself on the delivery of end-to-end construction solutions across various sectors including hospitality, education, and real estate.

Laxmanbhai Construction is a part of the Laxmanbhai Group of Companies which operates in Kenya, India and United Kingdom.

10. Parbatsiyani Construction

Parbatsiyani Construction Limited is one of the leading contractors in East Africa. The company was founded in Kampala, Uganda, in 1991.

It expanded into Kenya in 2001, opening a shop in Nairobi from where it handles its local operations.

The company undertakes both medium and large construction projects, including high-rise commercial blocks, factories, schools, hotels, apartments, and more.

Parbatsiyani Construction is an associate of Seyani Brothers & Co. (U) Limited.

Which is the largest construction company in Kenya?

Epco Builders

The top construction company is registered in the NCA 1 category by the National Construction Authority. The company’s annual turnover is estimated at around Ksh 5 billion, and it carries out projects in different parts of the country.