Best Brush Cutter In Kenya

What is a Brush Cutter?

A brushcutter is a powered garden or agricultural tool used to trim weeds, small trees, and other foliage not accessible by a lawn mower or rotary mower.

Various blades or trimmer heads can be attached to the machine for specific applications. It consists of: A power unit held close to the body.

Best Brush Cutter In Kenya

Honda GX50 2 in 14 Stroke55,000/=
Honda GX35 5 in 1 {Multi-Purpose}4 Stroke55,000/=
Surtec GX35 2 in 14 Stroke30,000/=
Surtec GX50 2 in 1 🔥4 Stroke32,000/=

What brush cutter do professionals use?

Stihl FS 260 C-E

The 2-MIX engine technology saves up to 20% less fuel and produces less emissions than an equivalent standard 2-Stroke engine. The FS 260 is a premium brush cutter and should be considered if you have a big job to complete.

What are the disadvantages of a brush cutter?

The rotating blade or cutting cord can also cause serious injuries if it comes into contact with your face, hands, legs or feet. If you use a brushcutter often, there are other risks.

 The noise of the brushcutter can lead to permanent hearing loss. And the vibration can cause permanent damage to the hands.