Best Bow Hunting Farms In Kenya

What is Bow Hunting Farm?

Bowhunting (or bow hunting) is the practice of hunting game animals by archery. Many indigenous peoples have employed the technique as their primary hunting method for thousands of years, and it has survived into contemporary use for sport and hunting.

Best Bow Hunting Farms In Kenya

Can you hunt big game in Kenya?

Kenya does not permit big game/trophy hunting. In neighboring Tanzania, the figures were US$1,975 billion and 446 000 direct jobs off 57,800 km2 from tourism areas.

By contrast, big game/trophy hunting in Tanzania generates US$30 million in revenue and creates 4,300 direct jobs – off 200,000 km2 of hunting areas.

Is hunting allowed in Kenya?

Hunting has been banned in Kenya since 1977. Prior to this Kenya was the major trophy hunting destination in the world, with its fame stretching back to the Roosevelt hunt of 1907.

Why is it difficult to get a job in Kenya?

The market is saturated with graduates for all professions, the same market is not creating opportunities that match the needs of employment. Further, corruption and nepotism in the distribution of placements leave some qualified individuals without jobs.