Best Bomag Roller In Kenya

What is Bomag Roller?

BOMAG single drum rollers are used worldwide and set standards on earthwork sites. With a smooth drum, they are ideal for compacting sand, gravel, crushed rock, and weakly cohesive soils.

A Smart Line single drum roller provides sufficient power, even in difficult terrain – in road, dam, or landfill construction.

Best Bomag Roller In Kenya


How much fuel does a Bomag roller use per hour?

A tandem roller in the 2.5-tonne class with a diesel engine consumes approximately 3 liters of fuel per hour.

How deep is the Bomag roller compaction?

Depending on the soil, BOMAG’s BW 226 DI achieves a depth effect of 2 to 3 m.

How heavy is a Bomag roller?

BW 131 AD-5

Emission stageStageIIIa/TIER4f/CN3
Weight4.000 kg
Working width1.300 mm

What does a Bomag roller do?

Available from RAM Equipment, the Bomag 2-3 tonne roller is ideal for footpaths, repair work, and finishing work in road construction.

How much does a 1.5-ton roller weigh?

Ride on 1-1/2 ton compactor/road roller. OPERATING WEIGHT 2890 lbs / 1414 kg.