Best Bloggers In Kenya

Who is a Blogger?

The word blogger refers to someone who posts articles, pictures, or videos on his own personal online site. It was derived from the word blog, which in turn was contracted from the term web log.

A weblog is a form of online journal or diary where a blogger effectively puts his thoughts, ideas, and stories online via a personal web account. He can either focus on his own personal experiences or concentrate on a single topic that may be of interest to other people.

Best Bloggers In Kenya

1. Robert Alai

Robert Alai is a top Kenyan blogger who is known for his news blog Kahawatungu, which focuses mainly on local news reporting.

Alai is also an activist and was behind the now-defunct information technology weblog which earned notoriety for his relentless tech coverage.

2. Jackson Biko

Jackson Biko is the founder of the lifestyle blog, which is a hugely popular blog in Kenya.

His panache attracts thousands of followers not only for him but for his blog as well.

3. Sam Wakoba

Sam Wakoba is the founder of TechMoran, which is the foremost technology blog in Kenya.

TechMoran has really grown its tentacles into other African countries, including Nigeria, where it has a growing number of followers. The blog makes money via AdSense, affiliate marketing, and direct ads sponsorship.

4. Timothy Obare Rioba

Timothy Obare Rioba is a Kenyan blogger, who is famous for his blog, which covers daily posts on entertainment news and gossip.

It is perhaps the country’s number 1 news web portal, with a flair for entertainment and celeb news, among others. The blog makes money through Affiliate marketing and direct sponsorship.

5. Martin Gicheru

Martin Gicheru is behind the popular Kenyan tech blog, which offers tech and gadgets reviews with some local touches.

The blog’s growing popularity is enormous and it makes money through affiliate marketing and ads placement.

6. Walter Akolo

Walter Akolo is a Kenyan freelance writer, techpreneur, and internet marketer, who is behind the blog Freelancerkenya.

The blog is hugely followed by the online community in Kenya as their favorite for such freelance tutorials.

Do blogs make money in Kenya?

It all depends on how you blog. Different types of blogs in Kenya have different monetization methods. 

Some blogs might not be able to make money at all, while others might generate a lot of revenue for their owners. There are many ways to make money from blogging in Kenya.

How are bloggers paid in Kenya?

Bloggers in Kenya earn money through AdSense, MGID, YouTube, affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, direct banners, and by selling products.

More than 90% of bloggers monetize via AdSense. Below is the amount of money Kenyan bloggers earn per month: Robert Alai—Ksh400,000.

How do I become a successful blogger in Kenya?

  1. Step 1: Brainstorm the most popular topics in Kenya and start blogging. Brainstorming on the most popular topics in Kenya is key when blogging.
  2. Step 2: Choose a simple topic to blog about.
  3. Step 3: Planning Your Blog.
  4. Step 4: Research your competitors.
  5. Step 5: Plan your blog’s contents and layout.
  6. Step 6: Have a blog name ready.

How much do I need to start a blog in Kenya?

To host your blog in Kenya the cost can go from as low as Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 10,000. This will depend on the budget and size of your blogging site. However, at all costs, I would discourage the cheap hosting plans that go for under 3,000.