Best Black Tea In Kenya

What is Black Tea?

Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, yellow, white, and green teas. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor than other teas. All five types are made from leaves of the shrub Camellia sinensis, though Camellia taliensis is also used rarely.

Best Black Tea In Kenya

Ajiri Kenyan Black Tea is exceptionally full-bodied and smooth. Winner of the “Best Black Tea” at the World Expo, this Kenyan Black Tea is grown in the Kisii Hills of western Kenya, an area known for its abundant rainfall and fertile soil.

Each box is adorned with a unique piece of art handmade by women in western Kenya. Every label is made using dried bark from banana trees and handmade paper. Inside the box, a small twine or bracelet is made using recycled magazines and dried bark from banana trees. 

100% of the profits are donated to the Ajiri Foundation, which provides school fees and programming for orphans in western Kenya.

What is the most popular tea in Kenya?

Kenyan black tea

Kenyan black tea is the most popular type of all and is a highly sought-after tea for creating rich & robust black tea blends. However, the country also produces many other tea types, and Kenyan purple and Kenya green tea are a few such examples.

Is Kenyan black tea good?

Kenyan tea is widely considered some of the best in the world because of its distinctive taste, quality, and characteristics. Tea’s taste and color are traditionally described as its liquor.

Which tea brand is famous in Kenya?
  • Specialty Teas.
  • Fahari Ya Kenya Tea.
  • Safari Pure Tea.
  • Ketepa Pride Black Tea.
  • Ketepa Pride Herbal Infusions.
  • Karibu Chai.
  • Kericho Classic.
  • Chai Yetu.

What is the name of the Kenyan black tea?

Kenya Kaproret is an orthodox 2nd Flush GFOP (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Black Tea. Kaproret is a tea produced in the district of Kericho which houses tea bushes of predominant Chinese origin. The tea leaves are often mistaken for Chinese Yunnan Black Teas.