Best Biltong Maker In Kenya

What is Biltong Maker?

The Biltong King Biltong maker by Mellerware allows you to enjoy homemade biltong, drywors, jerky, and dried fruit.

Now you can simply prepare and enjoy your biltong according to your taste and preference, using your favorite recipes and choice cuts.

Best Biltong Maker In Kenya

The Biltong Hut

Address: 77 Tree Ln, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 707 670799

Why do you need a light in a biltong maker?

If you live somewhere chilly, it will take a long time for airflow to draw the water from the meat and finish the curing process. So that’s why we have added a light bulb to our biltong dryers. Having a light bulb means that the air is slightly warmed around the meat.

What temperature should the biltong maker be?

The ideal temperature and drying time for biltong is 22°C to 24°C for the first 24 hours and thereafter at 30°C to 33°C for two days.

Keeping below 24°C in the initial phases stops the fats from going rancid. Keeping relative humidity in the box below 50% ensures consistent, quality results.

How long does it take for biltong to dry in a box?

4 to 7 days

A biltong box is simply an enclosed container where you can hang your meat to dry. It will usually have small holes on the sides and a low-wattage bulb to aid the drying process which can take up to 4 to 7 days. In some cases, you can also have a fan on low blowing near the holes to have good airflow.