Best Bathroom Taps In Kenya

What is a Bathroom Tap?

Pillar taps are supplied in a pair, each featuring separate valves for the control of water flow and temperature. They are suitable additions to bathtubs or basins that include two tap holes – one for the hot tap and one for the cold tap.

Best Bathroom Taps In Kenya

Which type of tap is best for a bathroom?

8 Common Types of Taps Explained | My Plumber Guide

Standard chrome taps come in a wide range of classic and contemporary styles that suit most bathrooms or kitchens.

You can select a matt or shiny finish to complete the look you’re after. Although, keep in mind that shiny chrome taps need to be cleaned frequently to keep them looking their best.

Which type of water tap is best?

Pillar is the most common type of tap used in most houses. It is the original design offering a calming touch on the handle. Also, it feels great when you touch the handle and adjust it to reduce water flow with a carved body and foldable designs.2