Best Bathroom Design In Kenya

What is a Bathroom Design?

The modern bathroom design is simply defined by its look. Straight, clean lines, uncluttered counter spaces, and geometric shapes dominate the landscape.

Best Bathroom Design In Kenya

How to design a luxurious bathroom?

This is because most luxury bathroom wallpapers are vinyl-coated and are marked specifically for use.

  1. Create a spa-like space with mood lighting and plants. (Image credit: Fritz Fryer)
  2. Transport yourself to the beach with wall art.
  3. Treat your space to a statement heated towel rail.
  4. Go on trend with Terrazzo.

What makes a bathroom look good?

30 Styling and Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Light Colors for a Bright Mood

Extend the sight lines of a small bath by using a light color throughout the space. In this room, white finishes on the floor, walls, sconces, toilet, and shower make the small space seem bigger. A few gray and black tiles on the floor and wall add visual interest without overpowering.

What is the best size for a bathroom?

A standard guest bathroom includes a sink and a commode, which request about 20 square feet (sqft) of space. 

A medium-sized bathroom will need about 30-40 sqft to accommodate a sink, commode, and shower area, while a full-sized bathroom with all these elements and a bathtub requires an area of 50 sqft.

What is a good size for a family bathroom?

Full Bathroom Sizes

A full bathroom consists of a shower, a sink, a bathtub and a toilet. It is only considered a full bath if it contains these three items and usually needs to be around 36-40 square feet because of the size requirements or 5×8.