Best Bariatric Surgeon In Kenya

Who is a Bariatric Surgeon?

Bariatric surgery is the medical term for a variety of procedures dealing with obesity. Long-term weight loss through the standard of care procedures is largely achieved by altering gut hormone levels responsible for hunger and satiety, leading to a new hormonal weight set point.

Best Bariatric Surgeon In Kenya

Dr. Yusuf Palkhi

Top-rated bariatric surgeon – Dr. Yusuf Palkhi is one of the few surgeons in Mombasa, Kenya that offer gastric bypass as a laparoscopic or keyhole procedure.

How much does a gastric bypass cost in Kenya?

A gastric sleeve costs Sh850,000 while a bypass costs around Sh1 million. Based on the World Health Organisation, obesity is the fifth leading risk of global deaths, with 2.8 million adults dying each year from weight-related conditions.

Which bariatric surgery is most successful?

Of course, there are other options for weight loss like the Duodenal Switch, the Mini Bypass, or even the outdated Lapband, but in reality, the two best options for surgery are either the Gastric Sleeve or the RNY Gastric Bypass. The Gastric Sleeve success rate is approximately 80 to 90% of patients having surgery.

Which is the safest bariatric surgery?

After going through all the benefits and risks of weight loss surgery, we can say that Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is the safest among all the surgeries. This surgery will make your stomach smaller, causing you to eat less.