Best Barber Shop In Kenya

What is a Barbering Shop?

A barber’s shop is a place where (typically) men and boys get their hair cut and styled; however, people of all genders and identities can use the services of a barber’s shop. Barbers specialize in shorter haircuts that typically require lower day-to-day styling and maintenance.

Best Barber Shop In Kenya

1. Fresh Cuts Barbers

Fresh Cuts is an award-winning executive barbershop in Nairobi and the brainchild of Fresh Cuts Foundation. It provides the best services, from barbering, manicure, pedicure, facials, massage and many more.

Location: Kindaruma Court, Along Kindaruma Road.

Contact: 0723 345 667.

2. Xquisite Barbershop & Salon

The barbershop comprises of a team of exquisite executive barbers who apply their skills to give you personalized services, covering all ages of clients.

Location: Hilton Arcade, Ground Floor, Mama Ngina Street.

Contact: 0715 891 815.

3. 101 Executive Barbershop & Spa

This is a barbershop that boasts a modern feel that offers not only great haircuts but also barber massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, different types of body therapy, and steam baths in an exquisite serene environment.

Location: KMA Apartment, Upperhill, 1st Floor, Block C.

Contact: 0728 247 589.

4. Lucky Star Executive Barbershop

It is a professional barbershop with experience in truly individualized hair services, that is cuts, coloring, and hairdressing.

Location: Superview House, Next to TRM.

Contact: 0713 380 718.

5. Barber Kings Kenya

It is a top-quality barbershop with a real barbershop atmosphere inside. The quality of the services offered is unmatched.

Location: Soin Arcade, Westlands Road.

Contact: 0724 115 325.

6. Baberia Barbershop

Baberia Barbershop is dedicated to providing affordable, unparalleled hair styling and grooming services that are tailored to every client and their lifestyle, in a distinctively unique atmosphere.

Location: Pension Towers, Mezzanine 1st Floor, Loita Street.

Contact: 0770 778 535.

7. States Barbershop & Lounge

It is a world-class barbershop geared toward customer satisfaction through efficiency in the services offered. The barbershop offers quality and tailored haircuts.

Location: Umoja.

Contact: 0757 857 301.

8. Sprouts Kids Salon & Barbershop

It is a fun, adventure-themed kids’ salon offering the best services to kids. It also caters to adults as well, with hair services, manicures, and a barbershop for adults available too.

Location: Lavington Mall, 4th floor.

Contact: 0713 123 593.

9. Groomyard Barbershop

Groomyard is a premium barbershop that provides professional hair, personal care, and grooming services.

Location: Coco Jambo Gardens, Dennis Pritt Road.

Contact: 0759 067 519.

10. Leo Salon Barber Spa Westlands

Location: 11 Parklands Rd, Victoria Plaza, Nairobi

Contact: 0719 140003

Who is the most famous barber in Kenya?

Dufanda is now one of the most booked hairstylists in the country. He rose to fame after winning the inaugural Afro Hair Awards in the Barber of the Year category three years ago and now he’s the hotshot in the hair grooming business.

How much does a haircut cost in Kenya?

Men’s Haircut FAQs

You should expect to pay between KES 300 and KES 3,000 for a man’s haircut in Nairobi.

How do I know if a barber is good?

Characteristics of a Quality Barber

  1. They Possess and Utilize Their Extensive Hair Knowledge.
  2. They Respect the Profession.
  3. They Have Always Had a Fascination With Hair.
  4. They Are Chatty and Love Being Around People.
  5. They Are Entrepreneurial.
  6. They Are Creative.
  7. They Have a Wide Array of Top-Quality Tools.

Who is the unknown barber in Kenya?

Unknown barber' attracting clients by remaining faceless | Nation

Among them is a Mombasa-based barber, who works with his face hidden, remaining anonymous. His customers have nicknamed him the “Unknown Barber”. What started as a simple action of covering his whole face in a mask in 2020 ended up being a permanent identity for him.