Best Bar Fridge In Kenya

What is a Bar Fridge?

Bar Fridges are a general-purpose appliance with plenty of space for drinks, drink garnish ingredients, and snacks.

They function in a similar fashion to larger fridges but on a smaller scale. Explore our selection of prominent brands including Westinghouse, Hisense, and Haier.

Best Bar Fridge In Kenya

Beverage CoolerPrice
Bruhm BFV-500DD – Beverage Cooler – 20Cu.Ft – 550 LitresKSh.93,000
Von Hotpoint HPBC158W – Tropicalised Vertical Cooler With Double Glass DoorKSh.35,800
Bruhm BFV-250SD – Beverage Cooler – 220 Litres – 7Cu.FtKSh.35,400

Are bar fridges worth it?

Many couples have claimed that up to one-third of their purchased food items were being discarded prior to purchasing a dedicated drinks fridge.

Once their new bar fridge was in place, the amount of food thrown in the garbage bin dropped to less than ten percent of their weekly purchases.

What is a good size for a bar fridge?

If you only need to store a few drinks, a model with a lower volume, such as a 42-litre mini bar fridge, may be sufficient but if you need a lot of cold storage space, look for an appliance with a higher volume, such as a 190-litre bar fridge.

Is Mika’s fridge good?

Mika has engineered a whisper-quiet compressor that is virtually undetectable when it cycles on and off. Multi Air Flow Multi Air Flow ensures even cooling by dispersing Cool air effectively in multiple directions throughout the refrigerator by using the multi-flow air vents located all over the fridge.

Do mini-fridges use a lot of electricity?

How Many Watts to Run a Refrigerator [Regular/Mini Fridge ...

In general, A mini refrigerator uses between 70-90 watts and 280-360 starting watts; An average household refrigerator uses between 90-180 watts and 360-720 starting watts; A side-by-side refrigerator uses 180-200 watts and 720-800 starting watts.

How long do mini fridges last?

about 10 years

While the lifespan of any appliance can vary wildly due to several factors, you should expect your fridge—either full-size or mini—to last for about 10 years. The industry-standard warranty covers one year of parts and service.