Best Bait For Shad Fishing In Kenya

What is Shad Fishing?

Shad is a type of fish, much valued as a sport fish. The male shad is an excellent game fish, showing multiple jumps and an occasional end-over-end; it has been called a “freshwater tarpon”. The gravid female does not fight much but is often kept for the roe.

Best Bait For Shad Fishing In Kenya

What is the best bait for shad fishing?

Try These Tactics for Shad Fishing | Virginia DWR

Most days, chartreuse seems to be the best choice for the grub, but a pearl white or bright white curly tail grub on a 1/8-ounce jig head will work well too. One critical point to catching more shad with this setup is to vary your retrieve.

Where is the best place to find shad?

Shad are easier to catch on warm days, locations would be the backs of coves and creeks where the water has been warmed by the sun all day.

Look for stained water since shad will rarely be in clear shallow water and even if they are there they are very hard to get a net on.

What is the best size cast net for Shad?


A good all-around mesh size for our Central Texas reservoirs is the 3/8-inch mesh. This mesh size will allow those shad too small to be used as live bait to pass through the mesh while retaining those shad approximately 2¾ to 3 inches in length and larger.