Best Bait for Bass Fishing In Kenya

What is Bass Fishing?

Bass fishing is the recreational fishing activity, typically via rod angling, for various North American game fishes known collectively as black bass.

There are numerous black bass species targeted in North America, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass or Kentucky bass, and Guadalupe bass.

Best Bait for Bass Fishing In Kenya

Choosing the Right Spot for Open-Water Bass

Finding the answer to “What is the best bait for open water bass?” becomes easier when you select the right spot for fishing. Smaller bodies of water such as ponds, canals, and private lakes often become the best bass fishing spots.

Fish in these locations are confined to a smaller area, making them easier to target. Other promising places include public access areas, spillways, and old gravel roads.

External Factors Influencing Bass Behavior

External elements like water temperature, weather, barometric pressure, and wind can drastically affect bass behavior. Bass prefers stability and are typically more active when the barometric pressure is steady or beginning to rise post a weather front.

Furthermore, the wind can be your ally in bass fishing, as it pushes baitfish where the waves break, and the bass follows suit.

What bait do bass like the most?

Fishermans Guide To Largemouth Bass

In terms of live bait, fish (like shiners, minnows, or shad) and crawfish work very well since these are what bass usually eat. Because largemouth bass are carnivorous, the best artificial baits tend to be those that mimic their prey in some way.