Best Bait For Barbel In Kenya

What is Bait For Barbel?

Maggots. One of the most popular of all the angler’s baits. Their resemblance to small aquatic life is obvious and is further enhanced by using maggots of different colors.

Maggots ledger down fast gravel runs is a great way to catch barbel, but keep your swim baited up throughout the day.

Best Bait For Barbel In Kenya

What is the best bait to catch barbel?

Fish-based boilies with krill, crab, or crayfish flavoring are great for barbel. Fish one or two on a hair rig and break a few up as feed offerings in a PVA bag.

What time of day is best to catch Barbel?

You will often see barbel flashing, as they turn in the current. Early mornings or late evenings, into dusk are the best times to catch barbel.

Do barbel eat worms?

Barbel loves them, especially during hot summer days, and then a big juicy lobworm will often do the trick.

And worms are effective at other times too – we once had a fantastic day on the Severn in a bank-high flood when everyone fishing caught barbel, all right under the bank!1