Best Bag Brands In Kenya

What is Bag?

A bag is a common tool in the form of a non-rigid container. The use of bags predates recorded history, with the earliest bags being lengths of animal skin, cotton, or woven plant fibers, folded up at the edges and secured in that shape with strings of the same material.

Best Bag Brands In Kenya

1.Adele Dejak

Adèle Dejak is one of the top bag and jewelry designers in Kenya. They do handcrafted fashion jewelry and fashion accessories that have a blend of both modern and African touches with artistic sophistication to bring out one of the best products. Their trademark signature leather bags have been shown worldwide.

2.RiftValley Leather

RiftValley Leather company designs and manufactures some of the highest quality leather products within and outside East Africa. Since 2009 they have tremendously grown to be one of the top bag designers. They make both male and female travel bags, office bags, hotel bags, and corporate products and an innovative range of accessories like Wallets & Clutches, Washbags, and belts

3. African Classics

Started by two Kenyan women who were passionate about fashion, African classics rose to prominence and rivals many other top bag designers both locally and internationally. Their bags and other products have also been showcased in many international arenas. Their denim and leather bags are quite a signature and the tote and Tana Wristlet bag that have some neat little inner pockets just make a perfect bag combination for ladies.

4.Sandstorm Kenya

Sandstorm Kenya is a leather company that lovingly crafts its products to meet its customer’s demands. They make stylish durable travel bags, office bags, work bags, hotel bags, wash bags, and small accessories like belts and wallets made from leather. They also make canvas tents but major in bag production.

5. Micheal Soi bags

Michael Soi is a seasoned bag designer and has showcased many of their products far and wide. Their bags with a woman donning an afro are such a signature and even Lupita Nyongo has used the bags.

What brands of handbags are trending?

The Spring/Summer 2023 Handbag Trends to Know and Shop Now ...

For those seeking a seasonless handbag investment, you’ll find happiness within the “quiet luxury” trend.

From emerging minimalist-centric brands like Savette to Demellier, and luxury mainstays such as The Row and Saint Laurent, these bags offer an understatedly chic look for the everyday.

How can you tell if a bag is high quality?

Here are the 7 signs of a handbag’s quality:

  1. Equidistance Stitching.
  2. Excellent Stitching Around the Corners
  3. Look Closely at Handbag Hardware
  4. Make Sure it is Super Easy to Clean.
  5. Know Thy Zipper Options.
  6. Know if the Lining is Tear-Proof
  7. Inspect the Binding.

What size handbag is best?

Handbag Size

If you are petite, you should pick a small handbag. It’s a bad idea to carry a large handbag that will look disproportionally in comparison to your body.

If your body type is tall and/or heavy-built, you’d better choose a large handbag. Small ones will only further accentuate your large body.