Best Backpackers In Kenya

What is Backpacker?

Backpacker is a person who travels with a backpack, usually not spending very much money and staying in places that are not expensive: 10 years ago, most visitors to Costa Rica were adventurous backpackers traveling on a budget.

Best Backpackers In Kenya

Diani Backpackers

Tuliahouse Backpackers

Milimani Backpackers

Where do backpackers usually stay?

Backpackers traveling for a long period of time usually have to stick to a tight budget, so often stay in hostel dorm rooms, camp, or find free accommodation where they can.

Backpacking couples or backpackers with a slightly higher budget might stay in private rooms in hostels or look for budget hotels or apartments.

Do backpackers hook up a lot?

Absolutely, especially in places like Asia where a private room is as cheap as a dorm bed. If you want to find sex with a fellow backpacker, you’ll probably have no problem, particularly in party towns. Sex definitely happens between travelers and locals as well.