Best Baby Vitamins In Kenya

What is Baby Vitamin?

From birth, all breastfed babies should be given a daily supplement of vitamin D (8.5 to 10mcg).

But if your baby is having more than 500ml (about a pint) of first infant formula a day, they do not need a supplement because the formula is already fortified with vitamin D.

Best Baby Vitamins In Kenya

Gummi King Gummie King Multivitamin Plus Mineral For Kids

  • Gummi King Gummie King Multivitamin Plus Mineral For Kids. KSh 2,500. Add to cart.
  • 4% Generic Pediasure Nutrition powder 400g. KSh 2,500KSh 2,600. Add to cart.
  • 36% Jamieson Baby D3 Drops 11.7ml. KSh 1,735KSh 2,690. Add to cart.

What is the best vitamin supplement for babies?

A quick look at the best vitamins for kids

  • Best dissolvable multivitamin: Thorne Kids Multi+
  • Best vitamin D drops for infants: Nordic Naturals Baby’s Vitamin D3.
  • Best liquid multivitamin: Garden of Life Baby Multivitamin Liquid.
  • Best multivitamin with iron: Renzo’s Picky Eater Multi with Iron.

What is the best vitamins for a baby to gain weight?

Best Vitamins For Babies To Gain Weight: Our Top 5!

Vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, taurine, lysine, folate, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

How many months should a baby start taking vitamins?

six months old

Once your baby is six months old, and up until they are 5 years, daily vitamin A, C, and D supplements are recommended (unless they’re having 500ml or more of first infant formula each day).

When you buy your baby vitamin supplements, make sure you read the label to check they are age appropriate.