Announcement IEBC Tallying Centre Results Constituency, County and National Tallying Centres

By | August 3, 2022


  • Tallying Centre Receiving Desk
  • The receiving desk has retrieval checklists for all the polling stations within the constituency together with names and telephone numbers of the POs and DPOs.

The PO in charge of Receiving Desk:

  • Checks to confirm that all results declaration forms have been duly signed and stamped
  • Checks that all the unused and/or spoilt forms are included in the
  • Confirms the security seals and the serial numbers of the ballot boxes
  • Confirms packages to be delivered to the RO as per the Materials Retrieval checklist
  • Confirms that the PSD has been duly filled, signed and stamped where
  • Reports immediately any anomalies to the
  • Directs the PO to the Constituency ICT Clerk

The Constituency ICT Clerk at the Receiving Desk:

  • Retrieves and confirms the components of the KIEMS Kit as per the KIEMS Kit issuance/retrieval checklist in the
  • Switches on the KIEMS kit and confirms transmission of the results and
  • Documents any missing components or malfunctioning on the issuance/retrieval checklist in the PSD and reports to the
  • Packages the retrieved kits in a proper and safe
  • Delivers all the KIEMS kits to the
  • Directs the PO to the DRO

The DRO at the RO’s desk:

  • Receives results forms, ballot boxes and PSD from the PO
  • Counter checks result declaration forms for completeness and accuracy
  • Counter checks the filing, signing and stamping of PSD by the PO
  • Fills and signs PSD Handing over/Taking over form
  • Hands over the forms and PSD to RO for signature and stamp

The RO:

  • Verifies result declaration forms for completeness and
  • Verifies the filling, signing and stamping of the PSD by the PO
  • Invites tallying centre agents to sign the PSD
  • Completes, signs and stamps the Handing over/Taking over section in the PSD
  • Announces the polling station name and code, votes in favour of each candidate as recorded in the result declaration forms to the stakeholders present in the Constituency Tallying Centre
  • Hands over result declaration forms to Data clerks

The RO must :

  • Display/project the collation or result declaration form during collation/tallying of election results
  • Enter results in favour of each candidate in collation or result declaration form as recorded in the result form without alteration.
  • ACCURATELY enter results from each polling station in the appropriate row in the respective collation or result declaration form
  • Enter results in the result collation or declaration form in three separate laptops to ensure accuracy and
  • Compare entries in polling station declaration forms and the collation or declaration form frequently to verify if data entered is identical; If there is any variation, verification of entries MUST be done to establish the cause of difference

The RO must:

  • Disregard results of a polling station if the total count of votes exceeds the registered voters in that polling station and indicate the PSD for the respective polling station and notify the Commission through the DVREO and DLS on the same
  • disregard the results of the count of a polling station where the total votes exceeds the total number of voters who turned out to vote in that polling station
  • Arrange polling station result declaration forms serially as per the order of the Polling Stations’ codes per elective position.

The RO must:

  • On completion of data entry and verification of results, print a draft copy of result collation and declaration form on a copy of the pre-printed A3 letterhead form
  • VERIFY that figures entered in the result collation and declaration form are a true reflection of those in the polling stations result forms
  • Invite agents to inspect the draft
  • If satisfied with the draft, print the result collation and declaration form on the provided pre-printed A3 letterhead form

The RO must:

  • Invite the agents to append their signature in the result collation and declaration forms
  • Sign, date and stamp the result collation and declaration forms
  • Announce results from the signed, dated and stamped forms
  • Make copies of the signed, dated and stamped results form
  • Distribute copies to the agents present
  • Prepare Forms 35C and 36C
  • Declare the winners for the election of MNA and MCA
  • Issue Forms 35C and 36C to the winners

The RO must:

  • Serially scan all the forms A, B and C series and save into a flash disk
  • Upload the scanned copies of forms A and B series to the public portal
  • Submit original duly filled Forms 38A, 39A, 37A, 38B, 39B and 37B to the CRO
  • Submit the soft copies in excel format of 38B, 39B and 37B to the CRO
  • Submit original Forms 34A, 35A, 36A, 34B, 35B, 36B and copies of 35C and 36C to the National Tallying Centre
  • Submit the excel format of 34Bto the NTC

The PO on the RO’s Desk (in charge of PSD, Forms and marked Register of Voters):

  • Ensures that the
  • forms are filed serially per elective positions in different box For forms 36A each county assembly has its file
  • copies of all forms are made and filed for the Constituency Office
  • Each file has a copy of the B and C series form filed as the top most page for the MNA and MCA files
  • The file with form 34As has a copy of the duly filled form 34B at the top
  • For the County elections form As in respective files with copies of duly filled Bs at the top
  • PSDs are placed in a labeled ballot box
  • Marked printed Registers of Voters are put in a labeled ballot box

The RO Incident Reporting Template

  • The RO shall document any incident by making an entry in the RO incident reporting template which shall include;
  • Name of the Constituency
  • Name of RO
  • Date
  • Details of the issues
  • Decision(s) taken, if any
  • Recommendation
  • Signature