Africa Nazarene University Scholarships

Africa Nazarene University Scholarships

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The award recognizes well performing students at their high school level.
The award is given to students who qualify with a KCSE mean grade of between A and B+ or an equivalent. The scholarship amounts to 50% and 30% on tuition fees respectively.
This award is offered on a trimester basis on condition that the student maintains a GPA of 3.0 and is only valid within 2 years of completing high school education.


ANU-ASF scholarship shall be available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of Africa Nazarene University

All persons eligible for scholarships must meet the following requirements:
A. Be duly registered
B. Be in their final year of study
C. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
D. Be actively involved in community work at ANU and in their community.
E. Is of good conduct
F. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of need, provided satisfactory academic standing is maintained and demonstration of community work. The funds are to be applied only on tuition and are partial scholarships. The student must be responsible for all other expenses.

Application Requirements
Duly filled application form and recommendation letters must be hand delivered to the Alumni office or emailed to The application must include the following:
1. Copy of student ID
2. An application letter, of not more than 2 pages, expressing; First paragraph: need of financial assistance.
Second paragraph: involvement in ANU community.
Third paragraph: list community organization/s such as public service or humanitarian efforts which you are or have been involved/active in and how that has made a difference in another person’s life
3. Recommendation letter from the dean’s office and community leader with contact details.
The letter(s) should be submitted together with the rest of the application documents in sealed envelopes.
4. Copy of signed and stamped transcript from the Registrar’s office
5. Course planner signed and stamped by both the Academic Advisor and Head of Department
Type all answers completely (DO NOT hand write). Indicate N/A if a question is not applicable to you. If sending via email, ensure all sections requiring signatures are signed before scanning.


Each year the Olajide Alex-Oni Scholarship will award 50% of tuition and examination fee for one year to one Master of Business Administration student of Africa Nazarene University who will have demonstrated a deeper sense of character espoused in the core values of ANU. Entries may only be sent by students with at least one year of study to complete the program.
Applicants will be judged on the basis of having fulfilled the criteria as presented on the application form and specifically, on the basis of assessment of the submitted essay. Payment will be made to the winning student’s account at Africa Nazarene University. Winners of scholarships give permission to release their names to the media. Applications and essays become property of Africa Nazarene University. We may ask finalists for more information. Scholarship winners are contacted by telephone or email as seen appropriate.

Applicants must:
1. Be admitted into a MBA degree program at Africa Nazarene University
2. Have proven high academic performance of at least GPA 3.5, cumulative
3. Be a student during year in which Scholarship is received
4. Be of good character and espouses the core values of ANU
5. Have at least one year of course work remaining at the time of applying
6. Write an essay of 1000 words on agreed topic
7. Show evidence of involvement in community work