About Railway Training Institute

About Railway Training Institute

Railway training Institute is one of the oldest training institution in the east African Region.

The plaque to inaugurate the Institute was unveiled by His Honor, Sir, Fredrick Crawford, Deputy Governor of Kenya, on the 29th June 1956 ,as a skill development centre for developing Human resources for the then East African Railways and Harbours.

Over the years the Institute has undergone a series of transformation through which a number of reforms have been implemented. After the dissolution of the East Africa Railways and Harbours in 1976, the Institute became fully owned by Kenya Railways Corporation offering only Railways courses.

In 1990 the Institute launched commercial courses after a feasibility study was conducted that identified inadequate utilization of Institutes training facilities. This culminated to a formal recognition and registration of the Institute the by Ministry of Technical Training Science and Technology.

As the demand for an efficient transport in the country grows, the institute is set to harness its rich heritage and experience to re-affirm its position as a center of excellence in transport and logistics management.

To this end, a new strategic plan 2012-2017 is being implemented with a mission to provide practical and quality training in transport and logistics responsive to a dynamic market. Environment through Research and Technology.

To realize this dream, the institute has diversified its courses and will be offering Marine courses at the MARINE TRAINING SCHOOL, KISUMU.

The school will offer maritime professional mandatory and Engineering courses accredited by the Kenya Maritime Authority.

In addition, we are working with professionals in Rail Transport, Marine and Road Transport to prepare a comprehensive curriculum for validation with Kenya Commission for Higher Education and Kenya Instate of education (KIE).

Our Vision

To become a world class training centre committed to professional excellence.


To provide practical and quality training in Transport and logistics responsive to a dynamic market. environment through Research and Technology.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Caring
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence