About Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

About Kenya Institute of Mass Communication



The institute is well equipped with modern facilities which range from with accompanying equipment for training the students. The institute boasts sound studios, a television production studio, a film production studio, a radio studio, four computer labs, two darkrooms, college clinic. The institute also operates an FM station (ECN 99.9FM) where students sharpen their broadcasting skills.

We have a number of facilities that aid the students in a number of ways in order to achieve academic excellence. These include:


Our library has audio- visual cassettes/CDs and wide range of books. It subscribes to all the major periodicals and dailies, including professional magazines related to mass communication. Newspapers clippings, and files on various subjects are special feature of our documentation unit. Students can make use of these files and clippings in the library. The library arranges film and video shows, discussions and book- review session regularly. The librarian invites experts to speak on current topics and share their professional experience along with the latest developments with students.  

Tv Studio

Our news room is well equipped with facilities comparable to a commercial broadcasting organization. The equipment includes high end cameras and Teleprompters with up-to-date software, well controlled so that flawless news can be presented. The real life broadcast or industry environment that is simulated in the KIMC Newsroom gives the students hands on experience with the latest methods and techniques.


The Radio studio of the Institute is furnished with the very best of audio recording, editing and playback equipment. These include sound editing machines, mixers, headphones, microphones, sound editing and sound mixing software. All this helps to expand the mental horizons of our students. This is the same way the editing room where we have well equipped facilities and latest software.

Computer Laboratories

A well-equipped computer laboratory with the high-end computers, software and infrastructure is provided to all our students. We have trained and dedicated faculty to guide the students regularly. Students are trained on all the latest software like Microsoft Office, Adobe suite, Corel Draw among others using all original and updated software.
Besides including computer education in the curriculum and timetable, our students are allowed access to the lab at any time to assist them with their research for various projects and assignments. The Faculty is available to guide the students at all times and take them through a learning experience beyond the structured syllabus and course content.