About KCA University

About KCA University

At a glance

KCA University is a premier business university whose main campus is situated in Ruaraka along the Thika superhighway. The University takes pride in producing world-class graduates committed to excellence, integrity, and service to the community. A diverse selection of competitive academic and professional programmes are offered at an affordable rate and delivered by competent faculty who are leaders in their field of expertise. KCA-U has campuses in Kisumu, Kitengela, and Nairobi Central Business District and a learning center in Amagoro.


KCA University is a fully accredited university with a charter awarded on 1st March 2013. The University programmes are recognized for further education and employability in Kenya, the region, and the world. These programmes include Graduate, Undergraduate, Diploma, Certificate, and Professional courses. KCA-U is growing its bouquet of programmes to include degrees that are relevant to a dynamic industry that requires innovators and job creators.


KCA-U boasts an ultra-modern library which seats 1,500 and provides access to an extensive collection of books, periodicals (magazines and journals), audio-visual material and electronic databases and journals.  The Martin Oduor-Otieno Library has an in-built network link and reliable wireless internet that facilitates research and academic discourse on a global platform.

Lectures in the main campus are held in the contemporary-design tuition complex which accommodates more than 3,000 students. The complex has integrated digital equipment in the 50 classrooms, 9 state-of-the art computer labs, and 5 lecture theatres incorporating modern ICT in the learning process and resulting in a versatile graduate.

Student Affairs

At KCA-U the holistic well-being of students is the first priority. The student support facilities include a professionally run counselling unit and clinic as well as a well- equipped gym. Students are encouraged to grow their leadership skills and personal strengths by joining any one of the 30 vibrant clubs and interest groups.  With a strong sporting heritage, KCA-U teams represent the University in various inter-varsity sporting activities and professional leagues.


We recognize the valuable learning experience that students bring with them to KCA- U. That is why we offer you an opportunity to complete your degree program faster by allowing you exemptions for your previous study in programmes approved by the University Senate. 

Exemptions recognize courses you have done in a professional or academic programme so that you do not have to repeat the same in the KCA- U degree you intend to study. There are already predetermined exemptions for popular programmes offered by KASNEB, ACCA, ABE, KNEC and other universities.