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TSC Interview Questions, Answers and Guiding Notes

TSC.INTERVIEW AREAS The Commission has developed a new interview score sheet for promotions. The following areas are tested and a candidate must score 50% and above in order to be deployed. The interview areas and maximum marks to be awarded: A). ADMINISTRATIVE ABILITIES IN THE CURRENT ASSIGNMENT i). Achievements– 10 marks ii). Co-curricular achievements- 8 marks iii). Participation in… Read More »

TSC Interview Questions For Teacher’s Promotion to Next Grade

QUESTIONS AT ANY TSC INTERVIEWS SO AS TO ACQUIRE HIGHER JOB GROUP. Cabinet Secretary 3 Principal Secretaries Director General CS BASIC OVERSEEING KLB Chairperson Deputy Sec. Directorate Teachers Service Commission is mandated to perform the following functions: Under the guidance of the Commission, the Secretary will perform the following duties:- The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is mandated to perform the following… Read More »