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TSC To Hire 20,000 JSS Intern Teachers

TSC To Recruit 20,000 JSS Intern Teachers in the Next Budget In the upcoming budget, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) plans to hire 20,000 Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers to address the serious staffing challenge faced by the newly rolled out JSS program. During a presentation to the National Assembly’s Committee on Education and Research, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia emphasized… Read More »

TSC to Employ 35,000 Teachers Next Year

TSC to Hire 35,000 Teachers Next Year — Ruto The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will hire 35,000 teachers next year, President William Ruto has confirmed. During an interview with media outlets on 14th May 2023, President William Ruto emphasized his government’s commitment to resolving the crisis faced by junior secondary schools. Ruto proudly announced a significant education milestone in his administration.… Read More »

FEASSSA Basketball Boys’ East Africa School Games Past Winners and Champions

KSSSA Sports Documentaries FEASSSA BASKETBALL BOYS’ PAST CHAMPIONS  Year Winner 2002 Maseno School, Kenya 2003 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2004 Manjasi, Uganda 2005 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2006 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2007 Maseno School, Kenya 2008 Maseno School, Kenya 2009 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2010 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2011 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2012 Laiser Hill, Kenya 2013 Upper Hill, Kenya 2014… Read More »

Registration for Grade 6 KPSEA Exams Online

The Grade 6, Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) 2023 exams are expected to start in November 2023. Learn how to register your grade six candidates for KPSEA exams online using the KNEC CBA portal. KPSEA is a KNEC national examination that is done by grade 6 students that are about to transition from upper primary to junior or lower secondary school… Read More »

Download Free KCSE Joint Mock Exams Full Papers with Answers

Download Free all KCSE Joint Mock Exams materials Full Papers with Answers. 2023 KCSE Joint, Mock Exams Full Papers with Answers. 101-2 ENG Ms.docx101-1 ENG MS.docx101-1 ENG QN.docx101-2 ENG QN.docx101-3 ENG PP3 MS.docx102-1- mwongozo.docx102-1-maswali.docx102-2 – maswali.docx102-2-mwongozo.docx102-3-maswali.docx102-3-mwongozo.docx121-1 maths 121-1ms.docx121-1 qs maths 121-1QS.docx121-2 qs MATHS 121-2 QNS.docx121-2MATHS 121-2 MS.docx231-1 BIO PAPER 1 QS.docx231-1 PAPER 1 MS.docx231-2 BIO PAPER 2 MS.docx231-2… Read More »