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KUCCPS Cut Off Points Per Course Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) (B. SC. Eng)

KUCCPS 2023/2024 Cut Off Points Per Course; Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) (B. SC. Eng) KUCCPS News Today; Bachelor of Science- Civil Engineering is one of the top 10 marketable courses in Kenya that is highly sought after in Kenya. The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS has released new cut-off points and entry requirements for applicants wishing to… Read More »

TSC Deployment Of P1 Teachers With Diploma And Degree To Junior Secondary School

TSC Deployment of P1 Teachers with Diploma and Degree to Junior Secondary School (JSS) 2023/2024; Full Details; List, Letters, Reporting Dates, Salary Scale, and Guidelines The official reporting date for recently deployed P1 teachers with higher qualifications to newly established junior secondary schools (JSS) is on February 1, 2023. Data from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) clearly indicates… Read More »

Ziwa Technical Training College Kuccps Placement And Admission Cutoff Points

Ziwa Technical Training College; Full Details, Kuccps Placement 2023/2024, Cutoff Points, Courses (Programmes), Admission List, Student Portal, Admission Letter, Reporting Dates, Graduation Ziwa TTI is a vetted and accredited Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) middle-level college in Kenya. Click Here to read more about ZIWA TTI.  2023 Term Dates for Ziwa TTI Ziwa TTI list of courses/ programmes on offer for the… Read More »

KUCCPS Announces Vacancies Updates University Registration For KCSE Candidates

Kuccps Announces Limited Vacancies, Updates University Registration for KCSE  Candidates in 2023 The latest Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) news indicates that a public notice dated Monday, January 30 has warned students of limited university slots. The placement body advised 2022 Kenya Secondary Certificate of Education (KCSE) candidates to be keen when applying for the limited… Read More »

Education CS Machogu bans Morning & Evening Remedial Lessons

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has banned teaching outside the prescribed hours as shown in the Basic Education Regulations 2015 below. This is to allow learners to rest, avoid mental stress on them and have preps as provided by the law without distraction by teaching. “It is clearly stipulated in the curriculum that learning begins at 8 am and… Read More »

Online Registration Portal for Candidates For KCSE & KCPE Exams

2023 Registration of Candidates For KCSE & KCPE Exams Registration of regular Candidates For KCSE & KCPE Exams 2023 Heads of institutions with learners attending school in a regular setting are expected to note and ensure that: Heads of institutions and SCDEs are expected to ensure the accuracy of the registration data for all candidates, including the following:… Read More »

Official KNEC to Register KCSE Qualifying Test Candidates

How to register 2023 KCSE Qualifying Test Candidates[OFFICIAL KNEC GUIDELINES] Registration of KCSE Qualifying Test Candidates 2023 The office of the County Director of Education (CDE) is responsible for the registration of candidates who wish to sit for the KCSE Qualifying Test and are requested to note and ensure the following:

Official KNEC to Register Private Candidates

How to register 2023 Private Candidates [OFFICIAL KNEC GUIDELINES] Registration of Private Candidates 2023 Sub-County Directors of Education (SCDEs) are responsible for the registration of private candidates (those who are not enrolled in a regular school setting) and are requested to note and ensure the following: All private candidates shall be identified and registered by their respective SCDEs.… Read More »