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TSC To Recruit 5,000 Teachers On Permanent Terms Post 10,000 and Others on Internship

For all details about other schools in Kenya, please visit the link below; SCHOOLS’ NEWS PORTAL The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has been asked to stop employing teachers on internship. The National Assembly Education Committee wants the Commission to put a break on the internship programme and focus on employing teachers on permanent and pensionable terms. While appearing… Read More »

TSC To Promote 100k P1 Teachers and Increase salaries of Tutors 2020

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) announced it had set aside KSh 7 billion to facilitate the promotion of 100,000 P1 teachers – The teachers in the service will also receive an annual increment starting July 1, 2020 – This will be based on both Carer Progression Guidelines and Scheme of Service – Teachers who are still in KNUT… Read More »

TSC Deadline for Capturing Schools Teachers’ TMIS Data For 2020-2021 Term 1

Schools have been asked by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, to update their data on the Teachers Management Information System (TMIS). The data which is updated on termly basis captures teachers’ information, school details and learners’ enrollment; among other pieces of information. FOR A COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL SCHOOLS IN KENYA CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW; SCHOOLS’ NEWS PORTAL Institutions are expected to update… Read More »

TSC Latest New TPAD 2 Forms for TSC Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released new forms for the new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development, TPAD 2. These forms are both for teachers and administrators in all public primary and secondary schools. The forms are used to collate data that is then fed onto the new TPAD system. Unlike the old TPAD, most of the data will be updated online; periodically. SUBSCRIBE… Read More »

Application Procedure for TSC Study Leave from,Study leave Policy, Requirements, Guidelines and Forms 2020

Teachers wishing to proceed for study leave must fill and submit the Study Leave Application Form. This form is to be completed in triplicate. The original copy will be sent to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Duplicate to the Headteacher and Triplicate to the TSC County Director. Application for study leave must be received at the Teachers Service Commission Headquarters at least 90 days… Read More »

TSC New TPAD 2 Lesson Recovery Schedule Forms 2020

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has developed a Lesson Recovery Schedule Form for teachers who miss lessons. Teachers may miss lessons during the week due to official commitments or when away from school under permission. Whenever a lesson is missed, the teacher responsible is expected to arrange for remedial teaching so as to recover the lost time. This remedial teaching should be… Read More »

TSC Free Lesson Observation Forms for Teachers 2020

All Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, are required to be appraised on termly basis. The Commission has developed a new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD 2) system. Part of the appraisal requires that a teacher be observed atleast once in a term and a Lesson Observation Form be filled. Lesson observation portal is provided in TPAD online system. The observer is… Read More »

TSC New TPAD 2 Termly Appraisal Calendar of Activities and Planning Guide 2020

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, requires each school to plan for the termly appraisals for teachers. All the teachers are to be appraised under the new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD 2) system. The New/ Revised TPAD Online System provides a module where all TPAD activities will be uploaded throughout the appraisal period by appraisee, appraiser and countersigning officer. The planning for the… Read More »

Teachers Ask TSC Authorities to Return All The Transferred Non-Local Teachers From Garissa Over Insecurity

 For all details about other schools in Kenya, please visit the link below; SCHOOLS’ NEWS PORTAL The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has been asked to revoke the recent transfers of all non-local teachers from Garissa over insecurity. Ijara Constituency Member of Parliament Hon.Sophia Abdi Noor has castigated the Commission for taking unilateral decisions by transferring the teachers and leaving… Read More »